Are you a Canadian politician in support of PR?  We need you!

Politicians need to understand the urgent need for proportional representation in our federal, provincial and municipal elections.  Unfortunately, instead of voter’s interests, many politicians are still stuck thinking in terms of their party’s interests.  In fact, everyone’s interests are the same – to have their voices heard.

If you are a politician in support of changing our electoral systems to proportional representation, take the Canadian Politicians4PR Pledge and commit to some or all of the following:

  1. Publicly express your support for PR on a regular basis because it is the right thing to do for voters, not parties.
  2. Remind your colleagues about the frustrations that result from the FPTP system.
  3. Educate other politicians about the benefits to them, their voters, and to our democracy under a PR system.
  4. Hold town halls or information sessions on PR in your ridings.
  5. Urge your party to establish a multi-party agreement to enact electoral reform for PR, without the need for a referendum, as Quebec has done.


Please submit the following information: