Imagine if every advocacy group in Canada and their supporters spoke together in one voice to change the voting system?  Imagine the impact that would make – one that cannot be ignored!

Our voting system is the one major roadblock to progress that we are all faced with, and it will take us all working together to change it.  It is urgent that we do so as soon as possible!  As long as our voting system remains unchanged, we will always to be vulnerable to disastrous and unaccountable false majorities led by those with only their own self-interests in mind.

Canadians4PR is committed to Canadians powerfully standing up for democracy and demanding that the federal parties commit to changing the federal voting system to proportional representation if they are elected.  Your advocacy group is key to accomplishing this!

Let’s make Proportional Representation happen!


Advocacy groups can take the Canadians4PR Pledge and commit to some or all of the following 5 actions*:

    1. Sharing the and asking supporters to sign.
    2. Make PR a regular part of their communications with supporters, to remind them of the link between the voting system and the progress of the issues they are fighting for.
    3. Like our Facebook and Instagram pages, and regularly share posts from Canadians4PR, Fair Vote Canada, and other PR advocacy groups through social media, as they relate to their area of advocacy.
    4. Include the Canadians4PR logo and link on their website.
    5. Encouraging other advocacy groups to take The Pledge.


Canadians4PR will:

  • Provide a link to your website which will give your organization national exposure.
  • Share on social media that your organization has taken the pledge, including a link to your website.
  • Share on social media events, rallies or protests that your organization would like to promote, where appropriate.


Join the many advocacy groups who are taking the Canadians4PR Pledge and let’s make Proportional Representation a reality together!


Please submit the following information:


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