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When we can’t effectively vote for who we want to represent us, ALL the issues that concern us suffer.  Help Canadians make the important connection between our voting system and the causes we are all fighting for.


Canadians4PR Petition

Canadians4PR Petition


Canadians4PR Flyer

If you are passing out half-page flyers for your organization, consider printing ours on the back as well and double your impact!  If we all speak together out together to change the voting system, imagine the progress we would make on every issue that matters to us.

Canadians4PR Flyer – colour

Canadians4PR Flyer – black & white


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In most elections across Canada, the winning party is ruling by false majority.  In fact, in many jurisdictions, 60% of voters or MORE actually voted against the government that is in power.

60% Did Not Vote For This – blue

60% Did Not Vote For This – red

60% Did Not Vote For This – orange

60% Did Not Vote For This – green

60% Did Not Vote For This – light blue



Canadians4PR Flyer with Ontario Pie – colour

Canadians4PR Flyer with Ontario Pie – black & white

Ontario Policy – Hurts Young People

Ontario Policy – Hurts Everyone Except Wealthy

Ontario Policy – Hurts the Planet