Contacting your representative is easy!

Maybe you’ve never contacted your elected representative before?  Until recently, neither had I.  Contacting your representative is an easy but important way to let our government know what Canadians are really concerned about.  The more of us they hear from, the more pressure we put on them to make the changes we want.  Just use the links below and follow these steps:

    1. Find your electoral district if you don’t know it.
    2. Find your corresponding elected representative.
    3. Click on their email address and it should automatically open your email client/app.
    4. Write your message.
    5. Hit send!

How about calling? Even if you are not comfortable with talking to an actual person, call after hours and leave a message.

Most effective of all, make an appointment for a personal visit!


Voter Information Service


Find your MLA

British Columbia

Find your MLA


Who is My MLA?

MLA Alphabetical Listing

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Members of the Legislative Assembly


Electoral District Search

Members of House of Assembly

Northwest Territories

Members of Legislative Assembly

Nova Scotia

Find your Electoral District

Current MLA’s


Members of the Legislative Assembly


Find your Riding

Members of Provincial Parliament

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Find Your Constituency

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